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Woman India club’s Vision: We as a community and a proud citizens of India aim to help woman Students, Job seekers, New Employees, Entrepreneurs, Business owners and NGO organizers.
Our Activities:
Resume Building for Fresher’s
Mock Interviews for Jobs
Job Postings
New Employee Training courses
Office Ready courses
Woman self Business development courses
NGO Listing, Fund Raising, Donation Receiving, Charity
Celebrity Endorsements and Branding

Daily Classes

We conduct Classes for Students who subscribe to WIC

A Five day (one hour)Training course will be shared via email

Post completion Certification will be provided.

Training meeting -id will be shared along with the training recording for future reference via email once subscribed.

For Interested candidates Internship will be offered

Goodies and Insurance along with training and certification will be provided for all the subscribers.

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WIC provides one-one sessions for Resume Building and for Mock Interviews on Request for free for all the subscribers.

WIC also provides business development concepts for small business owners on request once subscribed.

WIC help NGO’s to reach people for fund Raising and Donation receiving.

WIC Reaches out to Social media celebrity’s for Product endorsement and branding.

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How to Reach us

Please send an email to wichelp@womanindiaclub.com.

Please reach out to us on WhatsApp: 9701004848 for more information.

Please follow our Facebook and Instagram Page for more updates.


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For any collaboration with us please contact us at wichelp@womanindiaclub.com

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Woman India Club

Become the best version of yourself at the Womanindiaclub.

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